Finn O'Sullivan

An award-winning indie pop singer-songwriter based in Boulder, Colorado, Finn O'Sullivan plays guitar, ukulele, and piano. A prolific songwriter, Finn's sound has been compared to such artists as Regina Spektor, Dodie Clark, and Phoebe Bridgers. Finn says that songwriting is a way for her to express herself and talk about things that are important to her, which is sometimes hard for her to do in everyday conversation. She is "committed to creating things that other people can relate to," and her songs are a testament to this commitment. With an Instagram tagline of "love, heartbreak, and self-deprecation," she writes about the universal themes of love and loss with both humor and compassion, and her turns of phrase and sometimes surprising chord progressions evidence a maturity in musicianship far beyond her years. Her lyrics range from old soul to millennial quirky, and her clever, catchy tunes simply get stuck in your head.